We’ll admit, cPanel’s webmail interface lacks a lot of features and the user interface is very basic. Because of these and other reasons, users like to forward their mail to Gmail, AOL, Yahoo, or other email providers. There are a few things you should know before you forward your email.

  • All emails, including spam, get forwarded to the account. Spam filtration does not get applied to messages that are forwarded. Because of this, the receiving email server will view our server as sending spam. This can cause an interruption to your mail flow if the server gets blacklisted.
  • Marking Spam on a forwarded message does not mark the original sender as spam. Most email servers do not see the original recipient, they only sees the last email server the message came from. For those that do, they associate the IP address of our server to that recipient, meaning, our IP can get a bad reputation, even though our server wasn’t the originating server.
  • Because of the previous points, you can no longer filter out spam messages efficiently without filtering out the good emails. Good spam filters will look at both the sender and the IP address of the mail server to determine if a message is spam or not.

You may ask then, is there a better way to get my email? Of course! One way is to use Microsoft Outlook. Most email services will allow for POP or IMAP so that you can have all of your emails in Outlook. This will consolidate all of your different emails into one program so you can easily see your business emails and your personal emails. I encourage anyone that is using their email for business to strongly consider switching their email to Microsoft Exchange Online or Office 365. For as little as $4 / month, you can have the same enterprise email service that all of the large companies do. The good news is, it’s a lot simpler to sign up for and use than you might think. If you are interested and need help, don’t hesitate to call and we’ll be happy to assist.